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Casting Stones
posted by dharisha on Wednesday November 27, @03:32AM
from the counting-the-headlights-on-the-highway dept.

peace We recently received a rather nasty email, with several offensive remarks about the "so called women's rights in Pakistan" and the manner in which women in countries like Pakistan are in fact treated like second-class citizens, from a reader in the United States.
While one cannot argue about the discrimination and oppression of women in several developing countries around the world, it's interesting to note that this kind of treatment of not only the fairer sex, but of people of different ethnic origin or alternate political beliefs is NOT, as is widely believed, restricted to the south only, as the story you're about to read is going to demonstrate.

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A Different Approach
posted by dharisha on Tuesday November 05, @06:25AM
from the a-breath-of-fresh-air dept.

peace This is a message from Parum Samigita which is the Think Tank for the Banjars (Village Councils) of the Kuta, Legian and Seminyak areas of Bali. It comes from the heart of the Balinese people at ground zero in Kuta and was delivered at a press conference 100m south of ground zero yesterday. It expresses what the people of Kuta want to say to the world. Parum Samigita has been coordinating relief efforts for the Balinese and migrant Indonesian families who have been dispossessed by the bombing.
The message from this group reflects as being completely contrary and far less antagonistic or retaliatory than many others that were released following the Bali Bombing. It would be a lesson well learned if politicians and other heads of government took a cue from this:

"We Balinese have an essential concept of balance. It ís the Tri Hita Karana; a concept of harmonious balance. The balance between God and humanity; Humanity with itself and Humanity with the environment. This places us all in a universe of common understanding. It is not only nuclear bombs which have fallout. It is our job to minimize this fallout for our people and our guests from around the world.

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A Peace Dividend?
posted by a_reader on Tuesday October 29, @05:57PM
from the off-with-their-heads!! dept.

peace David Inkey writes a critical account of the military and foreign policies of the world's richest nation, and how these things have contributed to the current threat to peace throughout the world:

A peace dividend? Never, never, never in "his" story, nor before the our story of mankind began, have our emperors, empresses kings, queens, sultans, sultanas, emirs, princes. princesses, presidents, prime ministers or less primed ministers, or any other heads of state, imagined, suggested, offered or given an oxymoronic peace dividend after they pre-tensed to lead us through the "glories of war," or even when the got us through the scourge of war.... until george and his colleagues suggested we might have one......

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Taking Liberties With Lives
posted by a_reader on Monday October 28, @10:15AM
from the drive-this-little-girl-insane dept.

peace Olumola Shola Kolawole, the Youth Coordinator for the United Youth Front International in Nigeria writes:

A world of change and positive development; but also a world with more frequent and severe disasters, increasing inequity and recourse to violence. Recent media reports that Iraq is going to be bombed massively by United States and the follow-up statement by President Bush, to seeking U.S Congress approval to strike Iraq. Again! The future of millions of Iraqi civilians are at stake .Is the U.S Congress beyond United Nations Charter/Declarations? How much can the world tolerate of this persistent violation of the United Nations Charter by United States?

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A Model United Nations Security Council
posted by dharisha on Sunday October 13, @04:38PM
from the the-real-thing-sucks dept.

peace Laura writes:

"I recently attended a Model United Nations Security Council meeting in London, and it opened my eyes to the world that we all live in and the quick fire resolutions drafted and accepted by member countries of the organizations set up to keep peace in the world."

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« whose war is it, anyway? | in brief

One year after the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in New York: take a brief glance around the world. Has America's "War on Terror" through which they attempted to create a more secure world, only served to intensify tensions around globe and increase the economic and military supremacy of the western world over its weaker counterparts?

A great deal of criticism has been born of late towards US military policy, especially in terms of it's handling of the Iraqi issue and the manner in which the United Nations Organization is keeping mum about the entire fiasco. Questions have arisen about whether America?s War on Terror is really about eradicating global terrorism at all, or whether it is motivated by shallow political agendas.

This month Mandate the Future, will deal with the different aspects of these issues, and we hope you will participate in the discussions. As tomorrow's decision makers, what do we think of the choices our leaders make today? What are your opinions about the recent military strategy of the western powers? Do you support the concept of a war on terror, or believe that it just another means for the north to hold sway over the south, in matters both political and military?

any comments?
tell us your stories!

« whose war is it, anyway? | read more

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