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A Little Distance Away.....
posted by dharisha on Monday September 02, @01:29PM
from the kirby-explores dept.

poverty While everyone is getting caught up in the heat of the Johannesburg Earth Summit, some people attending the conference at least have opted to see things in their true light. Taking a break from the formal suits and grand assembly halls for a while, one journalist took to the streets of Johannesburg, a few kilometers away from the summit that is to change the status of the world’s poor.Read on to find out what he witenessed.

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« WSSD :: Poverty | in brief

More than half of the world's population lives on less than 2 dollars a day, in appalling living conditions, without food, without jobs and without a future. Poverty greatly undermines sustainable development, since it deprives people of the ability to make choices. One of the chief aims of the ongoing Johannesburg summit on Sustainable Development is to alleviate global poverty and bridge the gap between the richer and poorer nations.

The question is will this summit register success in changing the status of the world?s poor where the Rio Earth Summit ten years ago failed? Or is it just another show of pomp in the face of global hunger and adversity? How fair is it that these summits and conferences cost several millions of dollars to organize while such an enormous proportion of the world?s population have no food and shelter? And should such vast amounts of money be spent on summits like WSSD unless they were to yield concrete results that will truly effect change?

Will Johannesburg change anything in the world? Do you think that as tomorrow?s people, youth need a voice in what commitments are made at summits like Johannesburg? Will those commitments lead to change in the world, or are more concrete actions necessary?

Join in Mandate the Future discussions as we highlight some of the issues dealt with at WSSD this week, and express your opinion too.

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