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Climates for Peace
posted by dharisha on Tuesday August 27, @09:58AM
from the setting-it-on-fire dept.

peace The word on everyone’s lips these days is “sustainable development”-and small wonder; every time we pick up a magazine or newspaper these days, the words Johannesburg and WSSD are all we see. I decided to scan the rest of the newspaper this morning. And it occurred to me as being ironic that in the midst of all this talk of SD, we were encountering police brutality and the restriction of the individual’s freedom of expression closer to home (in this case Johannesburg), while further away, there was a nation preparing to plunge a good half of the world into war.

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« WSSD :: Peace | in brief

Having stumbled along so far, the Road to Johannesburg as it was so often called has finally ended. The summit is underway, the discussions have begun.

All very well. But what of the rest of the world? What kind of a global climate has WSSD kicked off in?

While we discuss preserving the earth's resources for the next generation and bridging the gap between the "haves" and the "have-nots" all around us are signs of death, decay and conflict, with the threat of much more to come.

What stand is Johannesburg going to take about violence? About the degradation of the earth's resources, especially human beings, as a result of such conflict?

As the summit kicks off in Johannesburg, we at Mandate the Future invite you to discuss and debate issues related to world peace and conflict. Join in the discussions and ensure that you have a voice in what the world will be decades from now.

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