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Promises, Promises
posted by dharisha on Thursday September 12, @12:41PM
from the remains-to-be-seen dept.

health Among the issues dealt with at the Johannesburg summit on sustainable development, which concluded last week, global health was probably the only one to secure a very concrete victory. While haggling over phrasing and deadlines has plagued the drafting of a final agreement for most other issues and left almost everyone dissatisfied, world leaders agreed that the number of people without proper sanitation facilities would be halved by the year 2015-that�s 13 years from now. The only agreement with a specific deadline, and a realistic action plan to meet it.

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posted by dharisha on Friday August 30, @05:43AM
from the PONIT-less dept.

health Did you know that health issues took priority at the initial discussion forum at the Johannesburg summit this week? But it proved disappointing in the end. All that happened was that successive speakers approached the microphone to give in depth reports about their achievements in improving health conditions in their nation, and the enormous amounts of aid they donate for health care.

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« WSSD :: Health | in brief

Ten years after the conclusion of the Rio Earth Summit, almost all the commitments made by the participating governments have come to nothing. Agenda 21 spoke of access to safe drinking water and adequate food and shelter by the year 2000.

Two years later, we head on to Johannesburg-a summit most like Rio except that it has promised action instead of words-with virtually the same problems at hand.

The Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development is bound to thrash out serious global health concerns including HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis, as it also deals with the failure of Rio that has led to a global situation where one in every five people lack access to clean drinking water.

Will Johannesburg change anything in the world? Do you think that as tomorrow?s people, youth need a voice in what commitments are made at summits like Johannesburg? Will those commitments lead to change in the world, or are more concrete actions necessary?

Join in Mandate the Future discussions as we highlight some of the issues dealt with at WSSD this week, and express your opinion too.

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