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Getting At the Root
posted by dharisha on Thursday August 15, @02:50PM
from the about-manifestos dept.

gender “I am a woman. And a woman who wonders everyday if she will ever see the day when it is safe to venture out at night alone. A day when my attire no longer determines if I face harassment. A day when no longer face prejudice of any kind in my work place, because I am female. The question is, will this day ever come?”
All this talk of sustainable development these days-it got me thinking. What do I really want different about the world. Something pertaining to me, and common to any other woman. While I want more access to the world’s resources, and more emphasis on equal opportunities, I am keenly interested in the things that affect me….day to day.

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« WSSD :: Gender | in brief

Despite promises to bring about radical changes to the status and situation of women around the world in Rio ten years ago, there has been little progress made. More than half of the world's illiterates are female, women rarely play the role of decision-makers, they continue to be abused, live in a constant state of insecurity and are most vulnerable to all the negative aspects of development.

Once more there appears to be hope on the horizon, as the World Summit on Sustainable Development opens in Johannesburg in a few weeks that some change will come about. Once more we keep out fingers crossed that governments will pledge to improve the status of women in their countries, and stick to their word this time around.

This month, Mandate the Future hopes to highlight some of the concerns regarding the injustices the world's women must face, in keeping with those that we hope will be addressed at WSSD, J'burg. Do join in the discussion and lend your voice to the campaign to improve the status and role of women everywhere.

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