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Renewable Energy Sources for a better future
posted by a_reader on Wednesday September 11, @12:34PM
from the in-depth dept.

environment Wondering what all the fuss about renewable energy sources is? A reader, VICOSD, explains why the switch from traditional sources to alternate, renewable sources are so necessary:

"You see, we should make use of the forces of nature and should obtain all our power in this way. Sunshine is a form of energy, wind and sea currents are manifestations of this energy. Do we make use of them? Oh no! We burn forests and coal, like tenants burning down our front door for heating. We live like wild settlers and not as though these resources belong to us.�

Thomas A. Edison, 1916

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Energy debate-MP Gummer Explains it All for You.
posted by dharisha on Tuesday September 10, @10:17AM
from the pointing-fingers-in-the-right-direction- dept.

environment The fracas over renewable energy sources at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg has riled several high-level participants, including those from the western world. British Member of Parliament, and member of the UK delegation to the summit, John Gummer, expressed disillusionment at the outcome of the summit, especially in terms of the conflict pertaining to energy.
In a manner unexpected of a delegate from the "north", Gummer roundly criticized major energy companies in the United States, urging people who were truly committed to preserving the earth�s resources to refrain from consuming products manufactured by these corporate players, saying they were the largest contributors to the destruction of the planet. Here are some of his comments about the failures of the summit; edited to make reading easier of course.

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Polluters: The Largest Stumbling Blocks to SD
posted by dharisha on Monday September 09, @08:27PM
from the My-kingdom-for-the-oil dept.

environment The Johannesburg Earth Summit began and ended with quite a bang. Stun grenades and mass demonstrations to begin with, and violent protests inside the assembly during the speech of an American delegate on the conclusion of the summit. Apart from the melodrama however the time has come, to get down to the nitty gritty.

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Alternative Viewpoints
posted by a_reader on Wednesday August 14, @07:22AM
from the allhailthebradybunch dept.

environment Art writes to Mandate the Future about a different way to combat pollution as he sees it:

Would you be interested if I were to reveal an answer to the environmental problem--the greatest remedy and one that young people could claim as their own?

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Betting for a Cleaner World
posted by dharisha on Saturday August 10, @05:17AM
from the I-can-do-it-and-youth-can-too dept.

environment Who says youth can�t make a change? I mean as far as creativity and enthusiasm go, we could give ol� politicians and administrators a run for their money any day. So why aren�t youth recognized as a powerful force of change in the world today? That�s what the youth wing preparing for the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in a few weeks want to know too.

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« WSSD :: Environment | in brief

Man has wrecked the health of this planet, having destroyed much of our rain forests, killed off valuable species of plants and animals and caused our planet to heat up dangerously. All in the name of development. But we can no longer ignore nature. The development community's increasing pre-occupation with sustainable development is evidence to that. The age of rampant industrialization is over. It's imperative that every inhabitant of this planet has a reasonable knowledge of how to live without causing damage to the ecosystem.

As we head on into the World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg this month, several key environmental issues need to be addressed. Climate Change is bound to take precedence in the debate at Johannesburg, as is more sustainable alternative energy sources. WSSD is also the first major summit since the conflict over the Kyoto protocol began, and it will be interesting to note the stand taken at Johannesburg on this issue.

The idea of SD is to preserve a stable, healthy world for "future" generations .i.e. young people of the world. And it logically follows that the "future generations" should be properly informed and take a major part in designing programs for chartering global development. Mandate the Future will begin discussions and debates regarding major environmental issues, and we hope you will join in to prove that youth must have a voice in the state of the earth at the end of this century.

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