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Youth employment and education
posted by a_reader on Tuesday August 27, @05:48AM
from the taking-it-rural dept.

education Abdoulaye Gueye, a student at planning and project management of the Rural community of Yenne Senegal West Africa, writes about the need for vocational training for youth in rural areas:

My biggest concern is the lack of training of african youth particularly from the rural areas. In a world where excellency is a reference, imagine in Sénégal where 50% of the youth have no vocational skills. This situation more serious because the number of youth is rising quickly and yet educational structures are insufficient and very old. So we lack basic technical knowledges for the prevention of diseases and this hinders development.

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Are We Willing to Pay?
posted by dharisha on Wednesday August 07, @09:22AM
from the price-on-my-head dept.

education Ananda, 29 from Sri Lanka writes:

“My hometown is a small village in the Hambantota district. I schooled there for five years after which I passed a scholarship exam and was given the opportunity to attend a school in the city of Colombo. Although my family was not very well off, they were able to pay for my board in Colombo, and at least they didn’t have much else to worry about, since my books were free. I entered university, passed out and now I’m a manager of a company. Everytime the issue of privatization comes up in Sri Lankan politics, I feel angry. If it hadn’t been for the system of free education in the country, I may never have gotten where I am now. My parents and I can live in comfort now because of that system. I wish things would stay the same for others in similar situations.”

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« WSSD :: Education | in brief

Issues related to education will be an area of major debate and concern at the forthcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development later this month in Johannesburg. Since education is a subject highly pertinent to youth, the WSSD youth caucus has been largely responsible for highlighting the shortcomings related to this field of development, and making recommendations to improve educational access and quality throughout the world.

This month, Mandate the Future will discuss and debate and highlight most of these youth concerns, which include the question of whether education should become a commodity, better access to formal education for both men and women equally, development of new, less rigid teaching methods, and more funding for IT students and schools.

The idea of SD is to preserve a stable, healthy world for "future" generations .i.e. young people of the world. And it logically follows that the "future generations" should be properly informed and take a major part in designing programs for chartering global development. So join our discussions and ensure you have a voice in what the future of education will be!

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