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Employment- the Ingenuity Puzzle; a summary
posted by rudy on Monday June 17, @05:23AM
from the yes! dept.


As we come to the end of yet another very informative discussion at the Youth Employment Summit Weboard, here's a brief summary of the discussions so far.

Please join the discussion here or at the YES 2002 Website

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Employment-The Ingenuity Puzzle
posted by rudy on Thursday May 09, @12:02PM
from the balkansghosts- dept.

poverty Here's the newest discussion happening at the Youth Employment Summit Weboard. You can join in the discussion here or at the Discussion list at the Youth Employment Summit Website.

( Read More... | 7383 bytes in body )

The Informal Sector and Youth Employment
posted by dharshi on Thursday March 21, @06:34AM
from the my-own-energies dept.

poverty Here's what's on at the Youth Employment Summit website right now. Join the discussion here, or at the Summit's website and talk about how informal sector initiatives can be enhanced for youth participation.

( Read More... | 2258 bytes in body )

Integrating the Private Sector: A Summary
posted by dharshi on Thursday March 21, @06:25AM
from the partners dept.

poverty As we wrap up the Youth Employment Summit category on integrating the private sector, here's a glimpse at what young people have been saying on the Summit's the web board ....

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Partnering with the Private Sector
posted by dharshi on Friday January 25, @12:10PM
from the against-the-odds dept.

poverty The Youth Employment Summit 2002 web board has begun a new discussion on integrating the private sector into employment creation programmes. Before recommendations are set in place however, we need to look at what has created obstacles in this venture so far, and how we can go forward as we deal with these obstacles:

( Read More... | 1126 bytes in body )

« sustainable livelihoods | in brief

Partners with YES 2002!

We are happy to inform our members of Mandate the Future's partnership with the Youth Employment Summit (YES) 2002 to be held in Alexandria, Egypt, in September 2002.

As we approach the event, youth around the world are joining together and getting organized to raise those crucial concerns facing unemployed/underemployed youth. From Tanzania to The Philippines, Romania to Paraguay, young people like yourselves have organized national consultations on Youth Employment and are setting up national committees or national networks to promote employment creation for and by youth.

As managers of the YES 2002 web board, Mandate the Future will be with these creative and enthusiastic youth communities as they chart the course of their own working futures. Through these online discussions, MtF will participate in outlining and fine-tuning issues that youth are raising about unemployment with the help of youth opinion and experience, and of experts in the diverse employment fields.

Join us on ctrlaltesc.org for and contribute to these discussions. And if you would like to make new friends interested in employment issues, register at the official YES 2002 website at http://boards.edc.org and share your views and experiences with active YES 2002 list members from all over the world.

We hope these discussions will lead to meaningful interventions on policy and practice. And it is crucial that youth get involved in the making of their own futures. So don't be left out!

any comments?
email us!

« sustainable livelihoods | read more

Read More on "Sustainable Livelihoods"

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