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Global Spirituality and Activism
posted by rudy on Friday December 06, @07:51AM
from the sunny-day-real-estate dept.

peace Ironically the great religions of the world, all of which encourage non-violent and peaceful means of existence, have lead to some of the most bitter and violent conflicts historically as well as in contemporary experience . Not so ironic nevertheless , judging by the all too apparent exploitation and subversion of religion for political purposes by various parties all around the world.

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Breeding Peace
posted by a_reader on Monday November 25, @08:13AM
from the off-with-the-awful-toe-rings! dept.

peace Lukwiya P.P writes:

"I am writing this article from the vast experience I have gained as a person who is living in one of the areas of the world and Africa in particlular,(Northern Uganda), which has been stricken by over a decade of war, horrendous inhuman conditions, gross Human Rights violations, abject poverty, etc.
I must say that anything associated with war /conflict whether it be internal, or internationally is disastrous to human lives and therefore must be avoided at all cost.

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posted by rudy on Monday November 04, @04:05AM
from the waltzing-lennon dept.

peace Poverty, militarization, racism, jingoism, globalization and myriad other problems threaten to challenge the world economic, social and political stability. It is imperative that we build a "culture" of peace among individuals, countries and regions of the world.

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« Peace Education Forum | in brief

MtF-GVS Peace Education Forum (PEF)

Are you interested in earning a scholarship to study online at a recognized academic institution?

Starting this November 5th, Mandate the Future (MtF) in partnership with Global Village School for Peace and Diversity Studies (GVS) will launch the MtF-GVS Peace Education Forum (PEF). PEF will present you with the opportunity to win a one-year scholarship through Global Village School. The scholarship will cover the costs of tuition, books, and teacher services - you need only pay for your internet access to get started!

Read more about the Peace Education Forum!

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