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Education and Budget
posted by a_reader on Monday December 02, @06:02AM
from the calling-all-beatles! dept.

education Ayodele Fanida writes:

"Education is the wealth of any nation and it require wealth to grow this is why UNESCO made it mandatory for every nation to budget 25% of there generated income to education just to make sure education is properly funded, but instead the government of my country has focused on other things such as defence security of goverment officials, looting, embezzlement and mismanagement.

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« budgeting education | in brief

What with a growing awareness for the need for sustainable development rapidly spreading around the world, it's quite surprising that national governments continue to allocate a larger proportion of state funds to military spending, or to the defense budget, as opposed to education or even health.

Nations have taken to increasing their defense based on purely speculative military threats, but why is it that hard facts, staring them in the face literally regarding low literacy rates or a lack of teaching staff and/or material fail to spark a similar reaction?

The rationale is simple; war is not the path to a better world, while education plays a vital role in facilitating sustainable development. And yet, countries across the world are making it abundantly clear that their priority is certainly not the latter.

This month on Mandate the Future, we begin a debate about which of these two factors should be given precedence in national policy making, and what global factors prevent education being the primary focus of national leaders. We hope you will participate in the discussions.

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