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Vehicular Emmissions
posted by sharanka on Friday October 11, @07:46AM
from the smoke-belching-road-hogs dept.

environment How many times have you involuntarily inhaled large amounts of poisonous fumes from smoke belching vehicles on the road and trembled for the state of your lungs, living in the kind of polluted environment you do? Studies reveal that in parts of Asia particularly, traffic policemen and drivers of rickshaws and three-wheel taxis are most susceptible to the effects of air pollution. But what of the bigger picture? What else is traffic pollution doing to the earth�s environment, and more importantly, the question on many minds these days, how is it affecting the Asian continent?

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Clouding Over
posted by sharanka on Wednesday October 09, @06:50AM
from the no-more-purple-haze-oh-look-it's-brown-now! dept.

environment The buzz around Asia these days is the dense cloud of smoke hovering over the region, and it�s adverse effects on the regions eco-systems and weather patterns. Are you wondering what all the noise is about? The explanation is fairly simple, and the reality inevitable.

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« dark clouds over asia | in brief

In case you missed all the hype about the recent environmental phenomenon literally hovering over Asia, here's a brief introduction: The "Asian Brown Cloud" is a dense blanket of pollution, hovering over South Asia, from Sri Lanka to Afghanistan; with scientists warning it could kill millions of people in the region, and pose a global threat. The cloud, estimated to be three kilometres thick, is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths a year from respiratory disease alone. In case you were wondering about the erratic weather patterns in this region, including intense drought and heavy flooding, scientists believe that the Brown Cloud is responsible for this too.�A large part of the aerosol cloud comes from inefficient cookers, where fuels such as cow dung and kerosene are used to cook food in many parts of Asia. In countries like India and Nepal, most of the rural and urban poor use natural fuels to heat their homes during winter, while South Asian cities like Delhi and Karachi are terribly polluted mostly due to fumes emitted by eco-Unfriendly vehicles, and intense traffic congestion.

The burning question of the moment however, is what can be done to reduce, if not completely stop the adverse effects of the brown cloud. How much are we as residents in these areas willing to sacrifice to cut down on environmental pollution? Join Mandate the Future this month as we begin a discussion on the issue of the Brown Cloud, it's causes and effects. We look forward to your input.

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