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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please send them to our Tech Support.

1. What is ctrlaltesc.org ?
We're an online web forum for youth to discuss global issues on sustainable development and channel their (your!) opinions to decision makers.

2. Why ctrlaltesc?
Why not?

3. How do I comment ?
To comment under your own name, first you must sign-up and log in (FAQs 4 & 5 below); otherwise your comment will be posted as by 'Anonymous'. Pick an article on which you would like to comment on and click on the 'read more' link below it. To comment on the story click on the 'reply' button. If you want to comment on another users' comment, click on the 'reply to this' link below the comment.
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4. Why sign-up ?
Signing up lets you post comments under your own name rather than as "Anonymous". Signing up is trivially easy and life is more fun afterwards! :)
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5. How do I sign-up?
Easy. Just click here and fill in the form under "I'm a New User"; you can also reach the signup form at any time by clicking on "make an account" at the top right of the page. On the signup form, only the top three fields (nickname, password and a valid email address) are compulsory. However we would appreciate if you filled the rest of the form.

6. What is my password ?
On signing up your nickname and password will be sent to the email address you used when signing up. If you forget your password at any time, go to the same page you signed up at, type your nickname into the text box marked "nick" under the "Login" heading, and press the "mailpasswd" button instead of the "userlogin" button. Your password will now be emailed to the email address you gave when signing up! Isn't that neat?

7. How do I log in ?
Simply enter the nickname and password emailed to you in the ctrlaltesc login box on the main page and click on the 'userlogin' button.
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8. How do I change my password ?
First login (see FAQ No. 7) then click on the Preferences link on the main site navigation menu, then on the Edit User Info link at the top of the page and type in your new password in the 'password' field at the bottom of the page.

9. Can I change my nick ?
No. Sorry. You can make another account if you so prefer. If it's really really necessary that you change your nick, please email Tech Support with your current nickname, password and what you what your nick changed to, but be patient, Tech Support is a usually overloaded. :)

10. I forgot my password !
Don't worry, this can, in fact, be cured. See FAQ 6 above!

11. I'm having trouble logging in !
Make sure you have your cookies turned on in your browser. If you don't you cannot log in. If this doesn't work contact Tech Support and complain vociferously in no uncertain terms.

12. What does the "Submit Story" button do ?
If you would like to have an article written by you appear as a headline on the home page, press the button.

13. How do I Submit a Story ?
There are two ways of doing this. You can submit stories anonymously by not being logged in or you can submit the story under your registered user name by logging in before submission.
To submit a story click on the Submit Story button in the menu bar.

Your question not answered here? Please send it to our Tech Support.

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