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About Us

If you're within the age group of 15 and 30, with something to say about the way things are happening around you, be it good or bad, you've hit the right URL. We call ourselves (the website, that is) mandatethefuture.org because that is exactly what we strive to do through this website... Mandate the Future...

We give you the opportunity to take control of your future, to find alternatives, to escape from ignorance. That's why we call our interactive site ctrlaltesc.org : the community area of the MtfNet.

This is the site where you can tell your stories, argue your point, debate issues that are important to you, and give your suggestions for resoltuion. So let us know the problems that plague you and your community, and we'll be happy to put them up on the site for everyone to debate on. We promise to carry your voice across to the decision-makers... So what are you waiting for? Mandate your future.

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